Hikariutsuri / Hikari Utsurimono

This is a category that covers metallic Showa and Utsuri. They come from crosses with Ogon.
A clear head and shiny fins are important in judging the koi in this class.

Examples of Hikariutsuri:
- Kin Showa: golden metallic Showa (and Gin Showa – same but silver instead of gold).
- Gin Shiro Utsuri: metallic Shiro Utsuri.
- Kin Ki Utsuri: metallic Ki Utsuri.
- Kin Hi Utsuri: metallic Hi Utsuri.

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Kin Showa

Gin Shiro Utsuri

Kin Ki Utsuri

Kin Hi Utsuri



HIKARI UTSURI (also Hikari-Utsurimono)
Metallic versions of Showa and Utsuri.
Koi in this class include Kin Showa (metallic Showa with golden luster), Gin Showa (metallic Showa with silver luster), Gin Shiro (metallic Shiro Utsuri), Kin Ki Utsuri (metallic Ki Utsuri), Kin Hi Utsuri (metallic Hi Utsuri) and Kage Gin Shiro (metallic Showa with kage sumi). All of these tend to fade out when removed from a dark pond and placed into a blue show tank so they don’t show well but will return to their splendor when returned to the pond. All of these also tend to have a dirty sumi look caused by the metallic. Again the clear head and sheen is very important especially in the pectoral fins.



The Hikari Utsurimono were bred by crossing Utsurimono with Ogon. “Kin Showa”, Gin Showa”, “Gin Shiro” and “Kin Ki Utsuri” are the offspring.
Kin and Gin Showa come from Showa Sanshoku X Ogon crosses. In general, both are known as “Kin Showa”, but when a distinction is made, the former is used for metallic coloured Showa with a stronger golden luster, versus the latter where the silver predominates.
Their colours tend to fade, as the metallic luster gets stronger. Hi turns brownish and Sumi becomes blurred, however , improved types with beautiful Hi and Sumi are more often seen.
Gin Shiro or “Kin Shiro Utsuri” are the hybrids of the Ogon and Shiro Utsuri, and actually look silver, making the name highly appropriate.
Kin Ki Utsuri are the Hikarimono of the Ki Utsuri or Hi Utsuri. A beautiful shine and distinctive patterns are essential requirements for fine Hikari Utsurimono, and more are being breed these days.
They all should show the same characteristics of their Showa and Utsuri cousins with a metallic luster.